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For nearly four decades, Focal has been applying its unique sound signature to speaker drivers and high-end loudspeakers. We are renowned worldwide for our innovations which have given birth to exclusive technologies, and some of our loudspeakers have gone on to become world-renowned references.


Our philosophy is to promote our expertise made in France: 100% of our products are designed and developed by our engineers, and a large part of our collections are made in France in our own workshops. All Focal products benefit from innovations that result from on-going research in the field of acoustics. This technological heritage, protected by numerous patents, ensures a sound that is clear, powerful and true to nature; for providing the best audio systems in each category.


The love for music combined with the passion for cars spawned Focal’s Car Audio collections in the 1990s. These car audio systems and kits are designed to enable car enthusiasts to enhance their driving experience with audiophile sound. From the most prestigious customized installations to easy-to-install kits, every solution is optimized for your vehicle. Our technology is packed with the best innovations and materials to enhance your audio environment, and to make your journey a moment of intense pleasure.


Innovation and performance, the highest levels of expertise and pleasure are the brand’s values. They define Focal’s signature, whose unique goal is to take you beyond sound.

Focal Speakers
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To meet all installation needs, without giving up on Hertz quality and performance, the Dieci coaxes were designed with maniacal care to provide linear frequency response and ensure high reliability.


Utopia M

Handmade in France, Utopia M offers tailored installation ‘à la carte’. Build a high-fidelity system based on your vehicle and requirements. With Utopia M, the only limit is your creativity.


K2 Power

The Expert range, innovative and dynamic, delivers sound to make your spine tingle. Power and fidelity work hand-in-hand, creating multi-dimensional "live" sound for even the most demanding audiophile.



The Access line makes Focal quality and innovation universally available. Using DFS® cone technology to provide stability and resistance, Access offers high power handling, deep bass, and exceptional design.


Auditor is an entry-level line engineered with True Focal DNA. The iconic Inverted Dome Tweeter is combined with Mylar to bring unrivaled sound quality to an affordable price range.


Universal provides accessibility, easy installation, and exquisite sound quality. These kits have been optimized for compatibility with a greater range of vehicles while maintaining their rich, detailed and powerful sound.





Plug & Play provides an innovative, efficient and perceptible method of delivering the best sound to complex systems. Dedicated kits fit AND enhance your vehicle’s original design and acoustic plan.


Plug & Play

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