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DIY Plant Hanger

SunTek Automotive Window Tint

Select your custom level of protection with SunTek automotive window tint. Available in shades and hues ranging from rich black to optically clear, SunTek tint improves the look and performance of your vehicle’s window glass.

From ceramic nanoparticle innovation to dyed charcoal construction, our comprehensive selection of tint products is engineered with technologies ranging from time-tested to cutting-edge. Safeguard your car and passengers with powerful heat and infrared rejection while visually enhancing your vehicle’s appearance.

The classic composition of SunTek Standard Pro and Standard Series makes these dyed charcoal tint products the intelligent, economical choice for appearance and privacy. Standard Pro is engineered with dyed charcoal technology.


SunTek Dyed Charcoal Window Tint

SunTek Carbon Series and our advanced nano-hybrid CXP feature a non-reflective, long-lasting shade that helps deliver your desired level of solar protection.


SunTek Carbon Window Tint

SunTek Evolve and CIR window tint products offer higher levels of heat and UV protection. Our top-performing tint category is engineered with a unique nano-ceramic construction.


SunTek Ceramic Window Tint

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DIY Plant Hanger
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